LNUR TFOLs - the LEGO train club for teenage LEGO fans

LNUR TFOLs – The LEGO Train Club for Teenage LEGO Train Fans

LNUR TFOLs is a LEGO train club for Teenage Fans of LEGO in the UK who love LEGO trains.

Membership is open to to LEGO train fans in the UK aged from 14 years up to 18 years of age, when members are eligible to join LNUR. Please email lnurailway@gmail.com to enquire about membership; membership fees for 2020 – 2021 are set at £10 a year. Members aged 15 or under will require permission from a parent or guardian to become a member.

Our TFOL membership is separate from our adult membership, and provides a safe environment for LEGO train fans before they’re able to join our LEGO train club for adults. Members are asked to agree to the code of conduct in our constitution.

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