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LNUR track geometry v1

The LNUR track geometry standard (v1) is a series of guidance to help ensure the smooth running of locomotives and rolling stock on our LEGO railway.

You can find some further ideas on LEGO track geometry in this seminal article by Bill Ward.

The standard

Here is a list of LEGO track combinations that we’ve found cause issues with derailments, and thus are advisable to avoid on mainline routes:

  • DO NOT ALLOW a point (US: switch) immediately following a curve of any radius; please leave at least one standard (16 stud) straight track between a corner/curve and a point. This is particularly important on mainline loops; you may get away with it in fiddle yards and sidings.
  • DO NOT ALLOW two adjacent points: this causes the same issues as above. These are best split by at least one straight track segment. If necessary, using custom or third party track such as TrixBrix is preferable to keep a smooth flow to tracks without the awkward short curves that LEGO track creates.
  • DO NOT ALLOW use of flexitrack in place of straight tracks; flexitrack can cause issues with traction in longer lengths, especially on displays at are only set up for a few days as the track has less time to bed in fully. It’s OK to use flexitrack in small amounts, though!
  • AVOID more than a 90 degree corner without a significant split with straight tracks. Curves of 180 degrees of more cause significant drag on longer locomotives and trains and create an unrealistic slow down and speed up.

If your railway complies with all DO NOT ALLOW and AVOID statements, it meets full compliance of the LNUR track geometry standard v1. If your railway complies only with the DO NOT ALLOW statements, your railway has partial compliance.

Standard longevity

This standard is still is use on LEGO Northern UK Railway displays.

Compliant displays

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