LUKR Suburban Railway Standard

The LUKR suburban railway standard is a display standard for creating a modular suburban-style LEGO railway display.

The aims behind the standard were:

  1. to provide a low-entry (in terms of parts and costs) way for club members to contribute to a layout
  2. Allow for a relatively long running length for shows and exhibitions whilst minimising non-railway scenery
  3. create a flexible modular system allowing a different track configuration at each event, if desired
  4. to include a semi-realistic signalling system in to the standard from the beginning
  5. allow for a brick-built scenic backdrop to improve layout photography, and general display quality to the public

Original contributors to this standard were Richard C, Levi R, and Lewis B.

The LUKR suburban railway standard

The LUKR suburban railway standard has 3 parts:

  1. Track standards
  2. Backscene standards
  3. Additional module standards

Track standards

  1. The loading gauge must match or exceed LUKR loading gauge
  2. The minimum radius for mainline running tracks is r72
  3. Mainline running tracks must be double tracks, of r72 and r88 minimum radii at standard geometry spacing (ie, 8 studs)
  4. The ballast layer colour is Dark Bluish Grey
  5. The default sleeper colour is black
  6. The standard module length (for straight track) is 32 studs
  7. Each track section must have a Backscene built to standard.

Backscene standards

  1. the backscene wall must be built to the standard framework of 18 bricks high. Modules for straight tracks can be built in multiples of 32 studs in length.
  2. backscene walls should interconnect via Technic bricks and pins at brick height 3 and 10
  3. Backscene wall sections must be predominantly built in one of the following colours:
    1. Dark red
    2. dark tan
    3. dark nougat
    4. reddish brown
  4. backscene wall sections will be assigned in matching-colour sections at displays

Additional module standards

  1. stations
  2. depots
  3. overbridges
  4. sidings

Future plans

There are currently plans to look in to:

  • A compatible branchline standard

Compatible layouts

  • LUKR Surburban layout



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