LEGO Stonehenge model on our northern club railway display

Build a module for the Northern Club Layout

We have gathered useful resources for club members wanting to build a new module for the Northern Club Layout.

New modules should be built to the club standards detailed here, and are subject to an approval process detailed below.

If you have any queries about building a module, you can ask in the members group on Facebook or email

Instructions for base modules

Cost of module building

The cost of building a module will vary based on the type of landscape you plan, and how many parts you already have. We have given a rough indicated of costs for module types below to help guide members decide which is best for them.

Straight module 128×128 studs
Baseplates (16qty) £128 (retail)
Track £32 – 48 (16 straight tracks)
Ballast £TBD
Base layer of plates for remainder of module £TBD
Total Approx £400 – £500


  • Really Useful Boxes – 70l box. These are ideal for the 2×2 baseplate sub-modules to be stacked in. You can also find these in some Hobbycraft and other craft and stationery stores.

Approval process for new modules

This is a draft and not yet final.

New modules will be approved for use on club layouts. Note that it’s unlikely that most shows and events will have room for all modules to be used at the same time, so an appointed coordinator (probably the Northern Event Secretary) for each show will organise which modules will attend ahead of the event date.

Approval checklist:

  • Scenery is completed to standards that match existing modules in style and quality.
  • The track plan is suitable for reliable running at events. This applies particularly to the running lines.
  • Suitable storage has been arranged for the module if it is to travel with the layout.

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