LEGO train displays in the UK

LNUR loading gauge v1

The LNUR loading gauge (v1) defines the maximum height and width our locomotives and rolling stock can be built at to ensure compatibility with our display layouts.

The standard

The loading gauge standard is defined by 3 key rules:

  • Maximum locomotive / vehicle height: 10 bricks (from railhead to roof); pantographs may extend to ~12 bricks in height from railhead.
  • Maximum locomotive  / vehicle width: 8 studs (to include running rods, etc).
  • Maximum overhang on curves: 4 studs

LNUR loading gauge in use

LNUR LEGO railway loading gauge in action

LNUR LEGO railway loading gauge in action: here you can see 1 stud clearance from the track edge (2 studs from the railhead) to the platform edging, as well as that distance being upheld with the signage in between tracks, and even scenery items (the plant stalks on the right).

Implications for infrastructure and scenery building

We expect all mainline infrastructure such as station platforms, bridge supports, and tunnels used on LNUR displays to accommodate all vehicles on the lines to these standards.

  • All platform and building edges are to be set a minimum of 1 stud back from the edge of the straight track itself (i.e., 2 studs away from the railhead on either side).
  • Within tunnels and cuttings, ensure ~4 stud clearance overhang from the edge of the track (i.e., 5 stud clearance from the railhead itself on either side). This will ensure longer rolling stock and locomotives can clear this section.

Don’t worry – it can take some practice to get it right, and even long term members get this wrong occassionally – it’s just trial and error and a lot of patience!

Standard longevity

This loading gauge standard is still in use on LNUR displays.

There are no current plans to rewrite or update this standard, though individual member layouts may still use their own loading gauges. This is primarily due to many of our members’ locomotives and rolling stock being constructed to accommodate this loading gauge.

Compliant displays

All LNUR LEGO railways confirm to this standard, except Glasgow Brick Subway which has much tighter clearances based on the prototype itself. Compliant displays are:


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