Shop: Severn Valley Brick Weekend 2024

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We’re pleased to announce an exclusive Highley Mining Company wagon print for purchase to LUKR members and those exhibiting at Severn Valley Brick Weekend in August 2024.

Purchases of these wagons supports LUKR running over the year, particularly for events such as Severn Valley Brick Weekend.

  • Orders close at midnight GMT + 1 on Sunday, 30th June 2024
  • Those ordering will receive printed tiles (14 for the 2×4 version; 26 for the 1×4 version), PDF instructions for the wagon, and an XML parts list for
  • Please add a relevant shipping option at the bottom of the page. Items will be available for collection at the event weekend – if you wish to collect at this event, do not add shipping. Collection is not available at any other event.
  • Estimated delivery: by end of July 2024. We hope to have these wagons built for use at the event!

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