The LNUR Awards 2021

About The LNUR Awards 2021

This episode of The LNUR Line covers discussion and announcement of the winners of the The LNUR Awards 2021.

Criteria for the LNUR Awards are:

  • The model must be entered in to the Brick Train Awards
  • The model must be entered by a builder in the UK who is not an LNUR member

Thank you to for sponsoring prizes again this year – check them our for TrixBrix, SBrick and much more in the UK.

Winners of The LNUR Awards 2021

Winners are:

  • 1st prize – Austerity by Rory Falconer
  • 2nd prize – GWR 1500 by Paul Robison
  • 3rd prize – BR class 33 “Eastleigh” by Stuart Jones

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