LNUR Branch Line – LEGO® Train Clubs Worldwide

About LNUR Branch Line – LEGO® Train Clubs Worldwide

In this episode of the LNUR Branch Line podcast for LEGO® train fans, LNUR chair Richard talks about a new Facebook group for LEGO Train Clubs, LEGO® Train Clubs Worldwide.

The group was created to allow LEGO® Train Clubs to collaborate more closely, specifically with the aims of:

  • Allowing collaboration for shows between clubs in the same country or region
  • Facilitating membership or friendship bricks between members of LEGO® Train Clubs around the world
  • Providing a platform for LEGO Train Clubs to organise wagon swaps

Membership of the group is open to all current committee members and founders of LEGO® train clubs around the world; you can join the group on Facebook here – LEGO® Train Clubs Worldwide on Facebook.

LNUR also maintains a list of LEGO® train clubs worldwide, which may be of interest.

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