LNUR Line - LEGO train fan podcast

The LNUR Line – guidance for guests

Thanks for agreeing to join us on The LNUR Line, a podcast for LEGO train fans. The podcasts are a mix of our members and invited guests, and we discuss a new topic in each podcast.


When are recordings?

Podcast recordings usually happen on a Sunday evening, 6pm – 8pm UK time.

What’s the general format for a podcast?

The general format for an LNUR Line podcast episode is as follows:

  • LEGO train news from the community
  • Will’s pick of trains from LEGO Ideas
  • Topic discussion – this is our main topic for the podcast
  • Wagon / loco of the podcast

We recommend you listen to a recent episode of the LNUR Line before the podcast recording if you can – this way, you’ll understand how it all works, and the style of each section.

What should I prepare?

The podcasts are quite informal, so don’t worry too much about preparing lots of material – if you’re passionate about the LEGO train hobby, you’ll fit right in! We would recommend you listen to a previous podcast episode before you join, to help give you an idea of what to expect.

How long do the recordings last?

Our recordings usually last around 2 hours. If you can’t make the full recording window, please let us know and we’ll try and work around you.

Hints and tips

Any general tips for audio recording?

We’ve learned a few along the way. Our biggest tips for smoother audio recording on podcasts are:

  1. Mute yourself when you’re not speaking. This helps to cut out unnecessary background noises.
  2. Please disable any notification noises for messages, emails, etc, on your device before we begin recording.
  3. If you need to type (e.g., in the group chat), please mute yourself.

They talk a lot – what’s the best way to get a chance to speak?

A few of our members do talk a lot! If you’d like to make a point, please leave a note in the group chat and our producer or presenter will get you on to speak as soon as we can.

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