Episode 9 – LEGO Train Clubs

About Episode 9 – LEGO Train Clubs

Episode 9 is all about LEGO train clubs – what are they, how do they work, and where are they around the world?  Join the LNUR Line podcast for LEGO train fans for our usual informal mix of members and guests to discuss the topic, as well as showcase the latest railway-related models on LEGO Ideas, the latest news from the LEGO train fan community, and more.

Erwin from LLMTC (Lowlands LEGO Model Train Club) in the Netherlands, Nikolai from Togklodsen, and Tony Sava from Texas Brick Railroad join us for a discussion on LEGO train clubs and the LEGO train hobby.

LEGO train news headlines – November 2020

Will’s pick of trains on LEGO Ideas

LEGO Train Clubs discussion

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