Episode 6 – LEGO Train AMA – Ask Us Anything

About Episode 6 – LEGO Train AMA – Ask Us Anything

In episode 6 of The LNUR Line, we answer LEGO train fans’ frequently asked questions in our very own “ask me anything (AMA)” episode for LEGO train fans.

We’ve asked our followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as members of the LEGO train fan community for their most burning questions about building LEGO locomotives, wagons, building LEGO railway displays, and other FAQs about the LEGO train hobby.

You might also find our LEGO train FAQs useful.

LEGO hobby jargon

  • AFOL – Adult Fan of LEGO
  • TFOL – Teenage Fan of LEGO
  • MOC – My Own Creation – a custom designed model, rather than a LEGO set
  • LUG – LEGO User Group
  • LTC – LEGO Train Club – we have a list of LEGO train clubs worldwide here

Railway / railroad jargon

  • DMU / EMU / DEMU – multiple units (Diesel Multiple Unit, Electric Multiple Unit, Diesel Electric Multiple Unit)
  • Engine vs locomotive; motive power vs prime mover
  • Tram – a specific type of locomotive which runs on street track; slow speed, generally well protected wheelsets
  • Carriage, wagon and cars – distinctions between passenger and freight uses
  • Loading gauge – the width and height of railway vehicles can be before they foul / hit platform edges, tunnels, bridges, etc. See also Route Availability (RA) in the UK.
  • Sleepers (US: ties) – the wooden (or concrete, or even plastic) which links the two rails trains run on together
  • Turnout – where a track diverges in to many. UK uses “points“, US use “switches
  • Station – somewhere passengers can board / alight their train
  • MOW – Maintenance of Way – everything to do with track and infrastructure maintenance.
  • S&T – Signalling & Telegraph – relating to train operations / control

Questions about the LEGO train hobby

  • Best power system for LEGO trains? 9V, 12V, PU, PF?” Also covered in episode 2 – LEGO train power systems
  • “Do we think Powered Up is going to get better with control of motors, etc, over the next few years?” Nick, Lincoln
  • “How many trains are too many trains?” Reco Dlain, Romania
  • “Would you like to see a return of LEGO releasing individual carriages, wagons and engines for sale? (Much like the My Own Train line)” Dave, aka @thebricksnapper, Southampton
  • “How do I start doing Lego Trains? Should I buy a set or free build or what? I’m not made of money so I want to get off on the right foot.” Bramble, Montana USA
  • “Best YouTube channels for inspiration for LEGO trains?”
  • “How does a LEGO train club work?”
  • “Here’s a good one for discussion; what functional feature would you like to see Lego officially add to the PU trains system? Such as a new sensor unit or such like, to plug into the hub?” David T, UK
  • “What got you into being a fan of Lego railways? Being a fan of LEGO, being a fan of railways or something else?” Rory Falconer, Hampshire
  • “Where do you buy your parts from?”

Questions about LEGO model building

  • “Is it wrong to offer criticism of someone else’s model, even if it is intended with a view toward how said model could be improved upon?” Leslie, Southampton
  • I have been a long time supporter of the MILS system but I am interested to hear other perspectives. What are your thoughts on this level of standards and how it can be a deterrent to new members joining and/or is the cost worth the result?” Cameron, Arizona USA
  • When building a locomotive or rolling stock, what and how much do you prioritise, details, accuracy, strength and cost?” Connor, Australia
  • What does 6 wide / 7 wide / 8 wide mean?” Also covered in episode 4, scaling LEGO locomotives
  • Where do you start building a loco?” Malcolm, Nottinghamshire UK
  • What options are there for custom LEGO train wheels?” Ian S, New Jersey USA
  • What options are there for custom LEGO tracks? Advantages and disadvantages?”
  • “Do you have standards or intend to have them for inter-modal containers?” – Henry, UK
  • “How do you organise your pieces and do you have any recommended ways of sorting/organising pieces or articles on the subject?” Henry, UK
  • “Controversial: Best LEGO loco builder in the group?”

Questions about LEGO train exhibitions

  • “At exhibition, what are your opinions on running non realistic or not accurate trains on your layout. LEGO city trains, fictional trains (Thomas the Tank), passenger and freight wagons together?” Connor, Australia
  • What are your future plans for layouts for exhibition displays next year?” 

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