Episode 17 – Going Loco During Lockdown

About Episode 17 – Going Loco During Lockdown

In this (belated) episode of LNUR Line, we discuss what member’s have been building during lockdown, and have a general catch-up.

Producer – Matt D; Runner – Andrew H; Presenter – Richard C; Participants: Will E, Luke B, Renzo J, Levi R, Henry A, Chris M, Trace P, Nic R.

LEGO train news – October 2021

  • LEGO RAIL Facebook competition – monthly(ish) MOC competitions.
  • LGMS – L-Gauge Modular Standards group on Facebook.
  • A bit of a change at our club level: we’re now “LUKR” – LEGO UK Railway – which incorporates LNUR and LSUR.

LEGO Trains on LEGO Ideas

The LEGO train hobby during COVID lockdown

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