Brick Train Awards – Winners 2021

About Brick Train Awards – Winners 2021

Discover the winners of the Brick Train Awards 2021. The awards cover a range of locomotive, wagon, display and TFOL model categories from LEGO train builders around the world.

All regional and global winners of the LEGO train awards event are in this video. You can also view 2021 winners on the Brick Train Awards website here.

Winners are announced by some of this year’s judges, including Cale and Enrico from BMR, Richard from LNUR, and Alex from MTLC and VRLGM in Australia. Categories include:

  1. Best steam locomotive
  2. Best diesel locomotive
  3. Best electric locomotive
  4. Best “other” locomotive
  5. Best passenger wagon
  6. Best freight wagon
  7. Best special wagon
  8. Best structure
  9. Best individual display
  10. Best group display
  11. Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) Locomotive
  12. Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) Wagon
  13. Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) Display

You can find the winners’ announcement for 2021 on


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