Episode 20 — Brick Train Awards 2022 – midway discussion

About Episode 20 — Brick Train Awards 2022 – midway discussion

A new podcast, at last! We’re talking about the Brick Train Awards 2022 this time, as it’s now half way through the entry period.

Join members for a discussion about changes to the rules and categories, our favourite entries so far, and more.

LEGO Train News – September 2022

Topic discussion – Brick Train Awards 2022

Upcoming show’s we’re attending

  • Spa Valley Model Railway Weekend – Tunbridge Wells, 24th – 25th September 2022. We’ll have the LEGO Southern UK Railway club layout there, as well as Stuart’s signalling demo layout (Romsey & Halterworth), and Levi’s inglenook shunting puzzle layout
  • STEAM / Great Western Brick Show – Swindon, 1st – 2nd October 2022. We’ll have the southern club layout there, as well as Levi’s inglenook
  • Shildon Brick Show – Locomotion Museum, County Durham, 5th – 6th November 2022. We’ll have the northern club layout there, Will’s playout (drive your own LEGO trains!), Levi’s inglenook, Andy’s LEGO London Underground display, and Jonathan/Jules/Nicola’s 12V LEGO railway / town display

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