Welcome to Brick Train Awards 2021 – rules, categories and prizes

About Welcome to Brick Train Awards 2021 – rules, categories and prizes

Welcome to Brick Train Awards 2021, a virtual event for LEGO train fans worldwide.

The awards are organised by LNUR, a LEGO train club in the UK, and BMR, a resource for LEGO train fans in the US.

This video features Richard of LNUR, and Cale and Enrico of BMR, discussing how the awards work, new categories added for this year, and changes to rules for entry.

Categories for the Brick Train Awards 2021

  1. Best steam locomotive
  2. Best diesel locomotive (including Diesel Multiple Units / DMUs, and Diesel Electric Multiple Units / DEMUs)
  3. Best electric locomotive (including Electric Multiple Units/EMUs)
  4. Best other locomotive (including narrow gauge, or models smaller or larger than “LEGO minifigure scale”)
  5. Best passenger wagon
  6. Best freight wagon
  7. Best special wagon (including snow ploughs, maintenance of way vehicles, brake vans, cabooses, etc)
  8. Best group display (no digital models; judged globally)
  9. Best individual display (no digital models; judged globally)
  10. Best structure
  11. Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) locomotive (13 – 18 year olds only)
  12. Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) wagon (13 – 18 year olds only)
  13. Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) display (13 – 18 year olds only)

Find out more about the award categories here.

Changes to rules this year

  • Digital models are allowed, except in the best group and individual displays categories.
  • Custom parts are allowed. To clarify Enrico’s mention, 3D parts are not accepted, unless for wheels, rods, track and other items listed on the FAQs.
  • Models entered must be completed only in the past 24 months / 2 years (i.e., completed after 1st February 2019).

Sponsors and prizes

Thanks to Trixbrix, who have sponsored prizes globally this year. BrickTracks have generously sponsored all Americas winners this year too, and TrainedBricks have sponsored all Steam locomotive category winners. You can see more information on prizes this year here.

You can find more rules and answers to common questions at bricktrainawards.com/faqs.

Enter for free from 1st – 28th February 2021 at bricktrainawards.com.

Music is “Jokaim Kraud – Classic”

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