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LUKR membership – join our LEGO train club!

Applying for membership of LUKR

LUKR membership is open to members aged 18 years or over in the UK.

You can apply for membership by emailing Members must agree to our constitution which includes our code of conduct. Please include photos and/or videos of your locomotives, rolling stock or railway related scenery.

Memberships are subject to approval by the LUKR committee – we are a small community and look for active LEGO train modelers in the UK. We do also accept international builders who build British railway prototypes in LEGO bricks.

Membership fees

LUKR charges a membership fee of £25 per year or part thereof, and renews on February 1st each year.

Members gain access to many benefits throughout the year, some of which are listed below.

The membership fee covers some of our expenses, includes contributions towards our annual storage costs, event stickers and LEGO elements for collaborative displays.

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