LNUR club display - Great Central Railway LEGO station model by Shane

Northern Club Layout

The Northern Club Layout is a collaborative LEGO model railway display which attends many events throughout the year.

The layout is constructed from scenic modules built to a set of standards by members.


The layout is built from modules measuring approximately 1×1 metres and can vary per event. Typical scenes include a heritage railway station in the style of the Great Central Station, farmland, and LEGO interpretations of landmarks such as Stonehenge.

Great Central Railway station – 3 x 1 metres – Shane S

Locomotion Museum – 3 x 1m – Richard C

Here you can see the full extent of the Locomotion Museum modules for the northern club layout, with a siding to run the push-pull ride the museum runs on busy weekends, and roads in to the museum shed (3, rather than the real museum’s 7!). The roof is left open to allow visitors to see the locomotives and stock on display inside. Richard has a write up of his process to build the Locomotion Museum in LEGO here.

The module also includes Shildon signal box the other side of the road overbridge:

Angel of the North – 1x1m – Richard C

We can’t have a northern club layout without the Angel of the North.

Warehouse – 1 x 0.5m – Richard C

Coastal scene – 1x1m – Lewis B

Brickhenge – 1x1m – Richard C & Lewis B

LEGO Stonehenge model on our northern club railway display

Our LEGO brick interpretation of Stonehenge is “Brickhenge”, where strange things happen in the centre of the stone circle!

Track plan

The track plan can vary thanks to the modular design of the scenery, but we typically run a 5 x 3 metre display as a 360 doughnut to events.

The below track plan shows a 5x4m display:

LEGO model railway track plan - LNUR Northern Layout 2024

Layout requirements

Open to invitations: LEGO show and model railway exhibition managers can email lnurailway@gmail.com with requests for this display to appear at events in the UK.

Layout size Variable. Minimum size is approximately 5 metres x 5 metres. We ask for 360 viewing where possible, with sufficient room left around each side (minimum recommend 1.5 metres).
Layout era Variable. We have a mix of modern image and heritage style scenic modules which are interchangeable.
Power requirements All locomotives on this layout are battery powered. We do require access to mains power to enable us to recharge during events, to keep the trains running.
Table requirements We do not require tables as all modules are supported on our own baseboards.

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