Hollerton Junction

Hollerton Junction is our new northern club display for 2022.

The Hollerton Junction layout is built to a modular standard of 2 .x 4 baseplates (64 x 128 studs, or just over 0.5 x 1 metre in size) and compromises a number of interchangeable scenic modules, as well as a fiddle yard

The layout is named after an area in the BBC Radio Four drama The Archers.


Two lines pass a golf course, and Brick Henge, an ancient monument from our LEGO ancestors.

LEGO Stone Henge - Brick Henge model on Hollerton Junction LEGO railway LEGO model railway - golf course - Hollerton Junction

The lines pass under a brick built bridge carrying farm traffic, and past farmland.

LEGO railway bridge - Hollerton Junction

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