LEGO Train Clubs Worldwide - Facebook group of LTCs

A list of LEGO® Train Clubs worldwide

This page is an incomplete list of LEGO® Train Clubs (LTCs) worldwide. It also lists LEGO® User Groups who have a large contingent of LEGO train builders.

You can use this list to find the closest LEGO® train club to where you live, or even one to visit when you’re away on holiday. If you’d like your LEGO® train club adding to the list, please email us at

Greater Northeast L-Gauge Train Club

LEGO® Train Clubs in Europe
Denmark TOGKLODSEN is a model railway club in Denmark which focuses on building LEGO displays.
Germany Noppenbahner is a German LEGO train club.
Luxembourg LLTC – Luxembourg L-Gauge Train Community.
Netherlands LowLands Model Train Club
United Kingdom LUKR – LEGO UK Railway (that’s us!)
We’re a LEGO train club with members in Scotland, the north of England, and the south of England.
Southern LEGO Train Club
Covers South East and South West England.
Plymouth Brick Railway
Covers Plymouth area, build collaborative layouts
LEGO® Train Clubs in North America
Canada Calgary LEGO Train Club
USA Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club
Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club (NILTC)
Greater Florida LEGO User Group
Puget Sound LEGO Train Club – Washington State
Texas Brick Railroad
Tennessee Valley LEGO Club
Twin Cities LEGO Club
Wama LTC – Washington DC
Western Michigan LEGO Train Club
LEGO® Train Clubs in Australasia
Australia Melbourne LEGO Train Club
Canberra LEGO User Group – has a growing LEGO train interest group
Victorian L-Gauge Modellers


LEGO Train Clubs Worldwide Facebook group

LNUR also runs a Facebook group for LEGO Train Club committee members and founders, which allows discussion of collaboration between different LEGO train clubs worldwide. You can find a list of podcasts in which we mention LEGO Train Clubs worldwide here, too.

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