Friends of LNUR

LNUR are friends with LEGO train clubs around the world.

This programme allows us to enjoy the LEGO train hobby with adult LEGO fans around the world!

LEGO Train Club twinning

Twinning your LEGO train club with LNUR allows us to spread the joy of the LEGO train hobby, as well as:

  • Organising friendship brick swaps between our members
  • Coordinating wagon swaps with our clubs’ members
  • Arranging for potential collaboration between our members’ displays
  • Allowing your members to come and run their LEGO locomotives and stock on LNUR displays in the UK

Became a friend of LNUR

If you’re a LEGO train club or LEGO User Group with significant interest in LEGO railways, you can apply to become a friend of LNUR.

See which European, Australasia, Asian and American LEGO train clubs have joined us below…LNUR also maintain a list of LEGO train clubs around the world, which may be of interest.

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