Previous winners of The LUKR Awards

This page is an archive of previous winners of the LUKR Awards.

The awards were known as the LNUR Awards until 2021.

The LNUR Awards 2021

Thanks to our lovely sponsor TechBrick, the UK supplier of TrixBrix and SBrick. Winners of the LNUR Awards 2021 were…

1st place – Austerity by Rory Falconer

Rory's Austerity LEGO loco

2nd place – GWR 15xx by Paul Robinson

3rd place – BR class 33 Eastleigh by Stuart Jones

The LNUR Awards 2020

Formerly called the LNUR Awards, winners of the 2020 awards are announced in the video below.

First place: BR Class 08 by Paul Robinson

LNUR awards - first prize 2020 - BR class 08 by Paul Robinson

Second place: Warship by Hod_Carrier

LNUR Awards 2020 - 2nd place - Warship by Hod_Carrier

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