The LUKR Awards

The LUKR Awards were awarded by members of LEGO UK Railway in 2022 for models by LEGO train builders based in the UK.

LUKR Awards 2022

About the awards

Although the Brick Train Awards have been delayed this year, we’re still running a smaller competition for LEGO train builders in the UK, thanks to our sponsors TechBrick.

We have three categories this year, each with a £40 voucher to use at

  • Best LEGO locomotive model
  • Best LEGO wagon model
  • Best display or railway building model

Winners will also receive an LUKR Awards 2022 Winner’s brick. Entries are open to all modelers based in the UK and aged over 16 years old.

There is also a prize for Best Model By A LUKR Member.


Email one entry per email to including:

  • Your name (or pseudonym)
  • Your hometown (we don’t need your full address!)
  • The name of your model
  • Which category you are entering
  • Images or photographs of your model. A maximum of 5 images per entry, please. You can also link to up to one video on YouTube.

Entries are open from 18 January 2022 to 28th February 2022; we’ll announce the winners in a special edition of our podcast, The LNUR Line. Winners are picked based on the votes of LUKR members.

You can view previous winners of the awards here.

Rules for entry

Rules and categories are explained below, and in this video:

  1. Both renders and physical models are accepted
  2. You can enter a maximum of 3 entries per category
  3. The model must be built in the last 24 months
  4. Entrants must be based in the UK and aged 16 or over at the time of entry
  5. Entries are not open to LUKR members, except the Best Model By A LUKR Member category
  6. Models may use third-party elements including power systems, wheels, rods and other elements. The majority of the model must be constructed from LEGO elements.
  7. By entering, you agree that LUKR may share images of your model submitted on its website, podcast videos, and other social media channels including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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