Brick Train Awards - awards for LEGO train builders

The Brick Train Awards

The Brick Train Awards are global awards for LEGO® train builders around the world.

Founded by the LUKR chair Richard, and organised by LUKR with help from Brick Model Railroader, these awards are a chance to come together as one LEGO train-loving community and see brilliant builds from around the world.

For more information on the awards, please visit, or view our podcasts about the Brick Train Awards.

Brick Train Awards 2022

The Brick Train Awards 2022 will be held in February 2022. Here’s the introduction video for 2021, explaining the rules, new categories, and how to enter:

You can enter your models at

Brick Train Awards categories 2021

Categories for prizes in the Brick Train Awards 2021 are as follows, judged in Asia, Europe, Americas and Australasia:

  • Best LEGO® steam locomotive
  • Best LEGO® diesel locomotive
  • Best LEGO® electric locomotive
  • Best LEGO® “other” locomotive
  • Best LEGO® passenger wagon
  • Best LEGO® freight wagon
  • Best LEGO® “special” wagon
  • Best LEGO® TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) locomotive model
  • Best LEGO® TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) wagon model
  • Best LEGO® TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) display
  • Best LEGO® Group Display
  • Best LEGO® Individual Display
  • Best LEGO® Structure

The LUKR Awards

As part of the Brick Train Awards, LNUR members also vote on their favourite models entered by UK modelers – prizes are awarded to winners in The LUKR Awards.

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