Social Media Rules & Guidelines

These are our basic rules for interaction on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

If you break these rules, you may be blocked from interacting with LUKR accounts, and reported to relevant platforms.

Be a decent member of the LEGO fan community

  1. We welcome constructive comments on our channels. We’re a thriving community because we all love LEGO trains and we work with others to encourage and help. Building a model is hard work. Please be considerate.
  2. No rivet counting. It’s a LEGO model; it’s not going to be entirely accurate most of the time.
  3. Keep it on topic. Posts and comments must be LEGO and/or railway related.

Love the hobby, love the person

  1. We don’t tolerate discrimination by race, sexuality, political views, modelling skills, or any other means. Hard bans on first offence for this.
  2. “Don’t be annoying”. It’s really not that hard.
  3. No commercial promotion; shadow bans on first offence, and hard bans after that. You can suggest train-based LEGO Ideas sets for our podcast via

We’re adults

  1. Behave like an adult. Do not insult real people, whether they’re in the group or not. You may insult fictional characters: they’re fictional.
  2. Swearing is permitted in private LUKR groups. We will not ban or block members for swearing unless it breaks rule number one. On public pages, users posting comments with excessive swearing with be shadow-banned at the discretion of the committee, and / or individual members of it.

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