LNUR club display - Great Central Railway LEGO station model by Shane

LUKR: LEGO UK Railway – LEGO Train Club

LUKR (LEGO UK Railway) is the UK’s largest and most active LEGO train club. We aim to progress the LEGO train hobby by showcasing custom LEGO locomotives and rolling stock on stunning scenic layouts.

We have members in Scotland and the north of England who exhibit as LNUR (LEGO Northern UK Railway), and members in the south of England who exhibit as LSUR (LEGO Southern UK Railway).

The UK LEGO train club

LUKR is the most active and largest LEGO train club in the UK.

We have developed our own LEGO railway standards to help allow collaborative building of locomotives and landscapes. We maintain a list of LEGO designs of British locomotive prototypes as a reference, and welcome those new to LEGO train fandom to read our FAQs.

About LUKR

LUKR is a collective of LEGO train builders who build collaborative LEGO railway layouts for exhibition around the UK.

Established in the summer of 2017, we now have over 45 members and display regularly throughout the UK at LEGO and model railway exhibitions.

Our members have a huge range of LEGO railway displays, as well as a range of LEGO locomotives and rolling stock, largely based on British railway prototypes from many eras.

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